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Many times over the 40 years I've boated, I've had my hat fly off only to circle around and hope to scoop it out of the water. It happened often enough that, like most of us, I'd turn my hat backwards or even take it off while underway.  (Then usually forget to put it back on and sunburn my forehead.) Then once when boating in the Gulf of Mexico on vacation, it happened, I lost my hat! It flew right off! Instinct told me to turn around and try to grab it. However the 60 foot cruiser coming behind me had other ideas! No chance in hell I was going after my favorite hat. It was 20 years old, perfectly fitted and sweat stained into greatness! But it was now lost forever! Then wha-la, it hit me…The Hat Harness! I mentioned to my sister-in-law who was boating with my wife and I at the time. Being a great seamstress, she came up with a prototype. With a few tweaks, the Hat Harness was ready for production! This is great for boating, motorcycling, ATV riding, or any activity that knocks your hat off! Enjoy and never lose a hat again! 


Tim Carpentier

Inventor, CEO

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